Thursday, June 19, 2014

30 Things

I turned 30 yesterday and I'm not entirely comfortable with it. It's been a while (like, 4 x 30 days) since my last post, so hopefully 30 things is enough to catch us up.

1. Anyone else have DEAR time in elementary school? Drop Everything And Read- that should still exist.
2. I'm super into mocktails. Skip the liquor, bring on the complicated syrups, fresh-squeezed juices, muddled- whatever, and lots of sparkly water. Put a straw in it for good measure.
3. God made puppies overly adorable for a reason. You physically can't stay furious when they rest those little heads on your lap and look at you with the sweetest face to ever grace the earth. Dangit.
4. My oldest friend in the world had the cutest baby boy in the world in November. She (rudely) lives on the exact opposite coast of the country, but I get to meet him in July. (I also get to see her and her whole family, which is amazing, but... sweet baby cheeks!)
5. I registered for 2 marathons this fall. It takes one trail marathon and one hometown road marathon to make up for the stink of not finishing one (hilly) spring marathon.
6. Just when we got all thrilled about not having to wear 17 layers to run or worry about patches of ice after the longest suck-est winter ever, we are swimming through rediculous humidity. 78 degrees and 70% humidity at 5:30am? Ergah.
7. The smell of lilies in your house is unbeatable. Really any fresh flowers, but lilies are phenomenal.
8. I didn't finish my marathon in April. I had a day of deplorable digestion and ended up sick on the side of the road around mile 16.5.
9. I have had some of the most amazing conversations and formed some fantastic friendships over the past year.
10. There have been so many times in the last few weeks when I have kind of been having one of those days. I'm ready to be home, reading, drinking a mocktail, but instead I head on to my commitments. I have never regretted it. People and conversations can be so wonderfully energizing.
11. I feel completely unprepared to be 30 years old. 30 means a real grown up. I know you could point to a hundred people living life a hundred different ways, but doesn't it always come back to our parents' example? When they were 30, my parents had a house, a mortgage, a baby... grown up things. I have a lease, 2 dogs, and absolutely zero sewing skills. My mother made all of my dresses and is still the person who alters all of our clothes and hems our shower curtains that are the wrong size. Also, I don't drink coffee. #notarealgrownup
12. I should stop, but I still kind of like the whole hashtag thing. Not sure why it's so appealing.
13. Nap times should be standard in the workplace. In general, if we modeled more things after kindergarten (Read, rest, be kind, use your manners), I think we'd all enjoy things a little more. Life's really pretty simple.
14. Group texts are a great distraction and time waster, but a great source of entertainment and connection. Yes, baby boomers, I too enjoy a good conversation and face time with people. Have you tried to get more than 2 people in the same room at the same time lately? That ish takes some effort, and group texts/emails are a great hold-over until said time is found.
15. Ever get that huge sense of relief when you stack all your recycling by the curb, excited to have it whisked away, only to have that feeling drained as you realize no one else's recycling is set out and you missed last week's pick up? The relief turns to uhhhh when you realize that you A- really should haul it all back away from the curb B- you will have a month's worth of cans, bottles, and cardboard hoarded up in your yard by the time the actual pick up day rolls around. Next. Week.
16. Fanny packs are back. Why?
17. It's fairly tasteless, but it's funny.
18. A good run with a good group of people is hard to beat. Every once in a while though, a girls-only run is exactly what you need and feels so good. 
19. I'm still getting used to the world- lets say I only really have a solid awareness of the adult world for the last 5 years- are people always obsessed with some random food? First it was cupcakes, then it was fro yo, now there is literally no corner of civilization that has not been baconized. Toilet paper, band aids, milkshakes, donuts... I don't know who picks the obsessions, but if they pick mayonnaise next, I am going to have a class 3 melt down. Bleck.
20. This is also awesome. Made me laugh hard.
21. I bought grown up bathing suits this year. Seriously- not a top from Target that I can wear with the bottom I already have. 2 full blown pieces-match-and-actually-fit bathing suits.
22. I have brought strength training back into my life. Do I feel stronger? Not sure. Would I like handicap handrails on both sides of every toilet I need to lower myself to? Yes please and thank you.
23. "Poi the most easily digested food in Hawaii." Direct quote from my 6 year-old niece. Good digestion is important you know.
24. We're growing vegetables and herbs! If I weren't so afraid of the little weirdos (and we owned our house, and our dogs didn't terrorize everything that crosses their path) I'd be all about some chickens. Give me farm fresh eggs every day. 
25. On a related note, Annabelle appreciates the plants we're growing. She has eaten nearly every leaf on the cantaloupe plants and finds the bean plants enticing as well. If I only ate kibble, I'd probably do it to.
26. One of my best friends has been living in Hawaii for the last year or so and now she has to move. You feel bad for her, right? Except she's moving to Australia. So she's getting more beach and accents all the time. #getitgirl
27. I lost my clamshell phone that I've been  using since 2008ish. It's sad times around here.
28. When you get to put your family together with your friends, it's kind of amazing.
29. When the salon offers free services if you're willing to be a model for their employees in training- accept with caution.
30. Songs that get stuck in your head that you physically can't sing along to are unfair. Case in point.