Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taper Talk. (Not Really)

Less than 48 hours to go time. There’s a lot I could say about this week.

I could talk about taper tantrums (There may have been some tears, restless nights, and general crankiness. I may have eaten pizza more than once this week. I may be slowly realizing that beans are not the ideal source for carbo loading.)

I could talk about baffling, unfortunate events this week. (My turn signal is possessed and refuses to stay in the neutral position. Constantly signaling right-hand turns is embarrassing. Our 7 year old dog who has never had issues, decided to mark the couch as his territory.)

I could talk about nerves. The goal time and the pace staring at me from the bathroom mirror. Race pace. I’ve never raced before. Woo-sah….

I could let my clothes do the talking (You’ve seen this commercial, right?)
I’m a go getter. I go and get it. And I bring it back. Possibly the best lines ever delivered in a clothing commercial.
What do my clothes say about me?
I try.
I know there’s style out there, but I didn’t actually look in the mirror before I left the house.
Beats a bathrobe.

I could talk about my extreme disagreement with architects and their insistence on positioning toilets directly under the window, against the exterior wall. Cold toilet seats are cruel, if not unusual, punishment. We live in a world where there are dog strollers and cars that park for you. Is a heated toilet seat so much to ask?

But, I’d rather not talk. Somehow it is Thursday night and the weekend is shaping up to be as busy as the week leading up to it. I’d rather just laugh for a few minutes.

Enjoy some laughs. Courtesy of Stefon.

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  1. I am so excited for you, Leigh. It's going to be an amazing weekend -