Friday, January 3, 2014

Of Absolutely No Consequence

Just some things that have been floating around in my head. I find that once I write them down, they stop pestering me.

I may have an affinity for stripes. The other day I counted 8 striped tops hanging in my closets. It's not that I discriminate, I'm all for polka dots too, I just seem to find more stripes these days. Which means this song, a current favorite of my Nashville-based mother, means nothing to me. 

Cold weather hurts my soul. I genuinely don't comprehend how people function in places like Chicago (A high of -8 today. High. Negative.) If I were an employer, I would never base my company in the mid-west/Northeast/Canada. I mean, I can hardly expect my employees to show up and function when I have to pep talk myself into leaving the house with cups of hot tea and layers of fleece. I would appreciate one pretty snow to justify this hideously uncomfortable weather, and then spring is welcome to present itself. 

Know what's great? Reading. Reading actual books and full magazines instead of just blog posts and status updates. I went into vacation with a stack of 5 unread magazines (those holiday gift guides were super handy after the fact. Not.) I have read 2 full novels. I got all fired up about this re-discovered activity and ordered 2 new books from Amazon last night. One was delivered instantaneously to my Kindle. (Well, not exactly instantaneously. I hadn't turned the thing on in 18 months, but once I found it, found the charger, and charged it for a solid hour, it was right there in my hands. Talk about instant gratification.)

Quick tangent- in theory, I don't love the whole e-reader thing. I love books and libraries and seeing how many pages you have left to go. I get frustrated with no page numbers and letting your thumb rest for too long and suddenly being 87 pages ahead with no discernible trace of your place in the book. However, living with someone who likes to collect furniture volumes (I do mean volumes. These things are HUGE and weigh A LOT. And there are a lot of them.) I have come to appreciate the convenience of storing all my stories in one compact location that does not require dusting or stacking every time we re-arrange the house. (Approximately every 6 weeks.)

Buster just warms my heart. If I go to make up the bed, he comes into the bedroom. Go upstairs to do laundry, he accompanies me. His position of choice involves his body touching my legs, preferably with his face tucked away under my legs. He's a cuddler and I love it. You simply cannot look at a face that small, with eyes that dark and not feel a puddle of love sloshing around in your stomach.

They made Swedish Fish candy canes this year. I wasn't aware until I found a box in the 70% off section at Target the other day. They were phenomenal and solid red (looks great on a tree). Had I been informed earlier in the season, I would have bought enough boxes to decorate my tree and ensure the manufacturers saw enough demand to repeat them next year (which is actually this year). Also good news, I'm not scheduled to visit the dentist until March so hopefully I can eat enough apples and vegetables by then that all traces of candy cane will be out of my teeth by then.

If you're in the soup delivery business, let me know. I'll be huddling by the fire with my fur blanket and hot tea. 

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