Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thank You Interwebs

After the lovely break of holidays where I read books and magazines (plural!) I’m back in the loop, ready to share my announcements. Thanks to the beauty of the world wide wonder, I can tell you all at the same time without killing any trees. Winning.

We’re getting a puppy. There really is no rational reason for bringing an 8 week old needy being that requires time, attention, and patience into our wacky little world. We have the world’s most perfect dog, we have a routine (sort of) down, and we are busy. (Seriously, our next door neighbor saw us the other day and said she was afraid we had moved out because she hadn’t seen us in so long. #neverhome #savesonheating)
Basically, what it boils down to is Seth wants Buster to train our next dog to be as perfect as he is. We bring our little lady home mid-February. I have a list of about 20 names for our new girl. I can’t be stopped and I can’t make a decision. I will show you pictures and you will love her too. Here’s hoping that Buster will remember how much he liked having a sister quickly.

I am not exotic. Of my four best college girlfriends, one has been living in Hawaii for the last year, on her way to Australia. One is Oregon, packing her things to move to England for a few years. One moved to New Jersey. The other one is getting crazy with Northern Virginia traffic, so I guess she’s about as exotic as I am, but slightly more daring. It’s not like I expected us all to stay in Virginia after college, within comfortable driving distance of each other forever (would have been nice.) but I can’t say I was quite prepared for all these passport-required locales. My main goal for them is to have babies ASAP so their children will grow up with charming accents. Because really, what is cuter than a child with a British accent? (Maybe my puppy.)

I registered to run another marathon. The Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 26th, to be exact. The same one I ran last year. It was two nights before Christmas, we were at a party, I was catching up with one of my mom’s best girlfriends about an organization she works with that will be fundraising through the marathon and half marathon and how they need people, and it just sort of rolled out of my mouth. “I’ll do it.” I said I’d do it. I didn’t commit to the half or the full, just said I’d do it. Over the next few days, I thought about what I’d done. Did I want to do this again? Was I really up for the training, the time, THE COLD, and the laundry that accompany trainign for a spring marathon? And then it was a couple of days before the end of the year when registration costs would increase, so I did it. Whipped out my tired, battle-weary credit card, entered my birthdate, and registered. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, but I am officially back in training. (Read: eating all the time.)

I have roughly 5 posts 1/2 written that I haven’t put up. Now I just need to figure out how long past New Year’s it’s acceptable to talk about Christmas…

Stay tuned.

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