Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lazy Lovely Smoothie

I have- as I suspect many people do- an ongoing internal struggle between lazy and lovely. Lovely desires beautiful, nutritious meals with salads, vegetables, protein, and lots of colors. Lazy wants a bowl of cereal. Lovely wants to use homeopathic, natural cleaning agents to eliminate chemicals from the environment and keep things sparkling like grandma did. Lazy hands me the Clorox clean up wipes. Lovely picks out things like roundbrushes, mousse, and a straightening iron to help make my hair shiny, styled, and put-together. Lazy bobby pins a few strategic pieces of hair back and calls it a day.

(This is supposed to be about running and training, isn't it?)

Long winded wind up to my point- lazy is winning a lot these days. The place I really don't mind lazy winning? Smoothies. I think I have had a smoothie for breakfast for 6 days in a row now. I would sincerely appreciate a second pitcher for my blender because my lazy has tried to get away with washing it by hand without dis-assembling. Newsflash- those blades are sharp and not so inclined to stay still. Not only is it a no-cooking use-your-Starbucks-cup-from-yesterday-then-throw-it-away beautifully efficient addition to my morning, it gets bonus points for helping me eat my "salad" without making it. I don't have to assemble my rainbow of salad ingredients and locate a salad dressing I actually like. I just throw those greens in the blender and let it blend. Admittedly, the colors can be a little unique. (Blueberry skins looking alarmingly black when the specks are left behind in your blender/cup/teeth.) I get this smug, accomplished feeling around 9am when I'm all "I've already eaten 4 of my daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Boo-ya!" (You early morning runners know what I'm talking about. That feeling of satisfaction when you're walking into work and mentally tallying up all the things you've already done today. Ran 6 miles- check. Conquered some crazy hills- check. Talked to people, went to Starbucks, caught the news, SHOWERED, check x 4. It may be immature, it may be rude, but it's a little thing in my head that keeps me up and running in the dark hours of the morning week after week. And that, to me, is lovely.

PS- If you're into smoothies, check out Molly's Smootheats page for some yummy inspiration. Delish!

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