Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Speeds

I realized a while back that I have two speeds when it comes to running: solo and companion speed. I am not proud of the fact that my solo runs are noticeably less speedy than when I run with company. I'm fairly certain I'm not alone in this, but I am slightly frustrated that I am that hard to motivate/vain/competitive (or, not competitive) that I will run faster when other people are watching me/running faster than me, but when left to my own devices, I just mosey.

I've found the discipline to stick to a plan and complete an entire training plan for my first half marathon. I have found the motivation to do double-digit long runs early on a Friday morning to accomodate weekend plans when training for my first two marathons. I have slogged it out with no music in rainy, 40 degree, 10 milers. My second marathon was 25 miles of rain with a sunny 1.2 finish. I know there's some mental power, it just seems that the switch is activated by the presence of another runner.

I am thankful for this program, for having someone there at the track, running the stopwatch, watching and willing to call me out when I ease off or miss the point. I know that other people- their abilities, their energy, and their encouragement- motivate me to keep going, push harder, do better. A goal I have for myself is to rely less on the support of others to push myself. My goals are my own, my efforts are my own, and no one but me can get me to those goals. I hope to always have a support network around me because those group runs bring me so much joy. In addition to speedwork, flexibility, and pacing, I am adding "drive" to my personal training plan.

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