Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Merry Merry

So this is Christmas
Festive, bustling, sparkling, busy Christmas.

And what have you done?
I hope you have found joy, peace, and merriment during this special season. Phone calls, face time, hugs, prayers- reaching out to the ones who mean the most to you any way you can.

Another year over
I hope you have laughed, stretched, grown, played, and acheived in the last 12 months. I hope there were enough successes to give you confidence and enough misses to keep you motivated in the year ahead.

And a new one just begun
Filled with new possibilities, new achievements waiting to be realized, and whole bunch of unknowns you can't even begin to anticipate. Embrace them, learn from them, grow, and help people along the way.

And so this is Christmas
So far from the last December 25th in so many ways, and yet it seems to have snuck up on us while we were so busy living.

I hope you have fun
May there be surprises, warmth, happy memories, and joy in your holiday. Whether it is beautiful music at midnight mass, the glow of candles on your mantle, something you never expected to find in your stocking, or a story that had almost slipped your mind until someone brought it up, I hope your holiday gives you many occasions to smile wide.

The near and the dear one
Side by side or miles apart, the ones we love most are always close at heart. Hug the ones you can, love the ones you can't, and hug someone else just for good measure.

The old and the young
You can't stop time- whether we feel a year older or not, there is solid proof that time marches on and the circle of life never ends. We celebrate this year with gaping holes where we lost loved ones once stood, dimming lights where shining figures are undeniably weaker than they were just a year ago. But cannot feel wholly consumed by those losses, because we turn our heads and there is new life- new partners, new babies, new presence that wasn't there this time last year. They don't fill the same spaces or make up for the ones we miss, but they are a very present, very real reminder in this season of hope that God's plan is not short-sighted.

A very Merry Christmas
No matter what day or time your celebration happens, no matter if you're with co-workers, family, or pets, remember why we celebrate, how much we have to be thankful for, and how powerful one kind gesture to another human being can be.

And a Happy New Year
In addition to a larger bank account and a smaller pants size, I hope 2014 brings you new friends, new challenges, new faith, and new joy.

Let's Hope it's a good one
We know in our hearts that the newest iproduct, next promotion, or latest Lululemon tights aren't the silver bullets that will suddenly make us organized, respected, and fit. If Santa was generous enough to put those things under our trees, let us be thankful enough to make honest, whole-hearted efforts to emulate we want to see in our lives.

Without any fear

Wishing you and your loved ones peace, happiness, good health, and good cheer
today, tomorrow, and all of next year.

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