Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Success! Thanksgiving for fourteen cooked, served, and parceled out as leftovers. We didn’t run out of forks, Seth did a fantastic job with the turkey, and his mom showed up in plenty of time to assist with the gravy. All lumps were avoided. It was a heart full kind of weekend. We had family and friends around the table. Everyone brought something, everyone had stories to share. My wonderful brothers did just about every dish that came through the kitchen, and there were no brussel sprouts left after dinner.
I get a little shy when people are in front of me, so there was no grand invocation of thanks before our meal. If I had, here’s what I would have said THANK YOU for:

Thank you for family, for friends, and a place to call home.
Thank you for warmth, health, and the strength to get through hard things.
Thank you for the people who lift us up every day, the people who make us laugh, and the people who bring us joy in so many ways.
Thank you for good food, good friends, and the good table which brings them together.
Thank you for jobs and independence.
Thank you for the sun that brightens our days and the pets that brighten our lives.
Thank you for the many happy memories of loved ones present and parted.
We cherish times like these holidays when we all come together to remember, reminisce, and reflect.
Thank you for the wonderful people at this table, in my life, and in my heart.

I said it all in my head a few times. Out loud, I just told everyone to dig in. And they did. Now I have a confounding amount of leftover gravy, mashed potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes in my fridge. I know Pinterest is full of ideas for all that stuff, but I’m over it. I just want to move on and reclaim that space in my fridge. Is that wrong?

This is Buster, exhausted from the demands of being cute and vigilant for any dropped food all day long. We picked up a Christmas toy for him while we were out shopping- apparently he’s on board with the whole “Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving” thing because he scouted it out immediately and there was nothing we could do but watch him demolish that little Christmas fox. We tucked him up like this as a joke- he hadn’t moved an hour later.

I doubt that picture moves any of your hearts the way it moves mine, but I am so crazy about that goofy little dog. I may have taken adavantage of a little Cyber Monday action to order him a sweater. He gets cold. He looks great in red. Don't judge me.

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