Sunday, October 13, 2013


A weekend recap in numbers. Because people who run a lot tend to like numbers.

4.14: The number of miles my Garmin says I ran during this morning's Run Like a Girl 8k at West Creek.

10: The number of miles I ran with Rogue friends for the first time in months.
140: Minutes of running in the rain this weekend. Add about 20 non-rain minutes.
9: The number of pumpkins Seth was able to carry at least three steps.
20: Dollars. For said pumpkins.
3: Muddy towels across my floor/car from visiting the pumpkin patch after 3? 4? straight days of rain.
2: Rides on the vintage carousel by a delighted 5 year-old.

1: Band heard. Out of dozens of musical acts playing this weekend, we heard one because a certain someone wanted to "Walk away from the loud noises over there." (There being any one of the stages where the performance was louder than a dishwasher.)

0: Amount of minutes I can tolerate my house/hair/clothes smelling like bacon.
21: Hot yoga classes to take in 31 days as part of October challenge.
7: classes taken as of 10/13.
3: 1.5 mile repeats on the schedule for Tuesday. ...
5: Weeks until Richmond Half Marathon!
4: Places where I am missing significant amounts of skin.
1: Monday off from work. Thank you Christopher Columbus!
1: Cancelled trip to Mellow Mushroom, despite much anticipation.
20: Minutes it took Papa John's to deliver pizza after we admitted defeat by the miserable weather.

Measure it in miles, kilometers, minutes, or friends, it all adds up to a pretty great (WET) weekend.

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