Sunday, October 6, 2013

Very Superstitious

This week my work team had an outing. Shifting to make room for more people, I moved to put my co-worker's purse on the floor. She reacted immediately, and found a new place for it on the table. "Put your purse on the ground, you'll always be broke." Well that explains a lot about my finances...

I wouldn't call myself overly superstitious. I like to think my routines and beliefs are more firmly rooted in practicality and acknowledgment of the role Murphy's Law plays in my life. Such as:

1.Never leave the toilet seat open when you aren't using it. An open toilet is just a magnet for toothbrushes, mascara, and any valuable/electronic objects that just happen to be in the confines of your bathroom. (Multiply this rule by 50 if you have a person under the age of 4 in your home.)
2. Take an umbrella. If you don't, it will rain.
3. Criticize people with caution. How often have you called the driver in front of you a moron for failing to notice you as he moves into your lane, only to be 'surprised' mysteriously appearing behind you and to the right as you move towards your exit? (Maybe that one's karma.)
4. No cussing on Sundays. It's bad enough on a weekday, but swearing on the lord's day is in extremely poor taste. And he'll most certainly hear you.

A few superstitions I've never quite warmed up to:

1. Throwing salt over your shoulder while cooking. I know Rachael Ray (Rae-Ray!) is all about it, but, let's be honest. She isn't walking around barefoot in those set kitchens and I'm guessing she's not cleaning them either.
2. Carrying a rabbit's foot brings you good luck. Gross, mean, ew, and how?
3. Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck. Doesn't take a genius to know that the odds of you breaking something with said umbrella increase significantly when the awkward thing is open.
4. It's bad luck to sleep on a table. Not only bad luck, but bad manners, bad hygiene, and bad for your back.

In conclusion, I may or may not be able to blame my chronically-low account balance on the fact that I keep my purse on the ground at all times, I am hyper-vigilant about make-up products in the vicinity of the toilet, and I see no reason to carry around animal parts of any kind.

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