Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Despite some evidence that may lead you to conclude that clean sheet night, lemonade, Starbucks, and a certain terrier are the keys to happiness in my life, really my absolute favorite thing in the world is people. Kind. Fun. Honest. Real. Caring. Funny. Inspiring. People.

In my mind, I collect people, the way one might collect classic vinyl albums or pieces of Wedgewood china. You’re content to add one or two per year, you get a little thrill when you periodically take inventory of all your pieces. There are moments- sometimes after a meeting,  sometimes after practice, sometimes when I hang up the phone that make me look up and say THANK YOU for the people in my collection.

My collection is my most favorite people. The people you want at your wedding, your ultimate birthday celebration, or the most perfect backyard barbeque. My collection is diverse and rich. It reminds me of the places I’ve been, the people who inspire me. There are family members on it, neighbors, and former co-workers. There are people I’ve met at work, in school, at bars, and running on my list. Some are great listeners, some make me laugh, some challenge me, and others have qualities I hope to emulate.

The people on my CVE/Lulu team remind me of my collection, because of the diversity, the fun, and the little something unique each person brings to the mix. Between the team, the coaches, and the Lulu ladies, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Yogis, Ironman/woman, blogger, moms, dads, former athletes, former non-athletes, business owners, social butterflies, and a local celebrity in the Richmond community. I have some crazy fast teammates, some crazy competitive teammates, and some fellow mortals.

The CVE/Lululemon team has introduced me to some amazingly knowledgeable, genuine people. I love the encouragement, the humor, the push, and the support that comes from working with this team. Right now, I’m looking up and saying a big ole THANK YOU for this collection of new people in my life.

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  1. So cool to see you tonight with your people. I was inspired by association. You are such a beautiful sight to see out there running my friend.