Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Much to my mother's frustration, I have never been the best about eating my vegetables. And when I say, not the best I mean, I ate my first green salad when I was 22. Dinnertime was not a pretty thing for many years.

I've gotten better, but there are still many days where I feel I've done my vegetable duty when I polish off some sweet potato tots with dinner.

But things have changed. Now it's Fall and now I read blogs. So I'm constantly seeing all of these beautifully photographed, nutritious, locally-sourced, in season, eat-this-and-you-will-be wonderful meals. It's inspiring and really, if you devote enough of your time throughout the week to soaking in the nutrition, you just feel healthier. Scientific fact.

So naturally, on a recent stroll through Trader Joe's, I non-chalantly tossed some butternut squash into my cart. Mad the people around me think, 'she does this all the time'. No dish in mind, no idea what I was going to do with said squash when I got it home, but I was confident, with an arsenal of fitness foodie bloggers behind me. Got home, put away my groceries, and life carried on as normal. Despite the presence of additional nutrients in the bottom drawer of the fridge, the usual routine of "I'll be home late" "I'll just eat cauliflower and leftover pumpkin bread" got us through the week.

Guilt got me Sunday night, and I committed to cooking my butternut squash. I read a few suggestions, I gravitated towards simple: season, roast, throw in the blender with chicken broth. Boom. Homemade roasted butternut squash soup.
Seasoned it.
Roasted it.
Warmed a little chicken broth.
Threw it all in the blender.
Temporarily worried about the amount of steam inside my blender and the potential damage I was doing to my lovely smoothie-milkshake maker.
Hit blend.
Poured it in a bowl, took a few bites, didn't hate it.

I was feeling kind of victorious in my grown-up, home-cooking, healthy, seasonal, nutritious self. Then I realized, I was getting cocky about baby food.

In the future, maybe I'll steer clear of recipes that involve a blender.

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