Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Talk About It

A few things from my random out of order train of thought:

It is October 29th, 2 days before Halloween, and I have yet to make myself ill on candy corn. Victory.

This picture. Cracks me up.

Logic I can get on board with. Look Mom- I eat salads!!

Tonight’s speed workout: 12 x 400s. Was it fun? Not my top definition of fun. Was it terrible? No. Did our entire team consistently hit times roughly 10 seconds per quarter mile faster than the first time we did this workout? Yes. Yes we did. Felt pretty sweet. I mean, if you can run a quarter mile 10 seconds faster then you can run a mile 40 seconds faster so you can run 13.1 miles 8.73 minutes faster… right? So maybe my math isn’t exactly on point. (I’ll get Theresa to help me with that.) I told Bob it was because I ate M&Ms today (true), but that’s misguided credit. As much as I love my chocolaty little friends, the plan Bob has given us, the plan he and Ruthie have helped us execute, the plan that has left me wondering what my life smelled like when I didn’t have a consistent accumulation of sweaty clothes from running 6 days a week… that plan has gotten us to this point. Little roof raising over here.

I never played high school football. Is it a requirement that someone vomit at every single practice, or is there just a certain point on every field that retains the odor so you get a nice whiff every single trip around the track? Seriously, I wonder this every track workout. It’s gross.

October is essentially over. What happened to 2013? Do I need to start Christmas shopping? I’m aging to rapidly. Mild waves of panic.

This gives me happiness.

It gives me happiness not only because, for me, all of the little things about running are really the 'big things', and the things that make my life so wonderful. It's the people I've met, the confidence it inspires, the peace it brings me, the support I've found from my family, the fact that my body allows me to do these things, that I live in a place where I am able to step outside my door and move, that I get to appreciate a city I love and the great outdoors no matter where I run, the knowledge that I can do hard things (credit to a stellar runner with a similar passion for candy) 

I am thankful to have found something that helps me appreciate so many of the little things, that are really the big things, in the life I am so fortunate to have.

Better power food: gummy candy or chocolate candy?
Odors on the field? High school odors in general?

Dinosaur humor- anyone else?

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