Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Facts and Fiction.

(Disclaimer, some facts may in fact be opinion.)

Fact. Running in the heat kills my appetite. Post workout meals in anything over 70 degrees should consist of coke slurpees and Gatorade.

Fact. Citrus Cooler Gatorade is the best flavor ever. You will almost never find it, because it is a liquid gold commodity in extremely high demand. And when you do find it in the sketchy Wal-Mart, you will buy 10 bottles.

Fiction. Running makes you skinny. Running makes you hungry. Some skinny people are born runners and some skinny people become great runners. Other people just get hungry.

Fact. I have not had ice cream in my freezer for nearly 10 days. There is only one person in the world who can attest to what an amazing feat that is, but I'm kind of proud of myself.

Fact. Life is so much better when you get at least 8 hours of sleep. So. Much. Better.

Fiction. There are better things to drink besides lemonade. What are these things? Unless they are iced tea mixed with lemonade, I don't believe you.

Fact. Swedish Fish contain an addictive compound similar to those found in girl scout cookies and crack cocaine.

Fact. Boys are wimps about getting sick.

Fact. I am no triathlete, but my ideal 'brick' is a run-yoga combo. Also known as Thursday mornings. Also known as perfection. Also known as the day I'm always late for work.

Fiction. There is quality TV on in the Summer. If they have played anything besides America's Got Talent since June, I'm not aware of it. Would it kill them to run some Modern Family/Wonder Years re-runs every now and then?

Fact. I am a Gemini, which means I am twins. My twin is a triple-threat rapper/hip hop dancer/surfer. (Hawaii, not California.) I can't wait to trade places.

No, that had nothing to do with running or training. Just felt the urge to put some of my truths out there.

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