Sunday, September 15, 2013


Training News: Enjoyed a true first long run of Fall today. 60ish degrees, rolling hills on Riverside Drive, first post-run HOT tea of the year. Happy happy happy.

Skipped my Saturday run altogether. 24 hours with my mother, the first solid night's sleep in 10 days, a morning with no alarm clock, and a solid day of house cleaning felt like a fair trade.

I swear I'm going to start doing Core work. Tomorrow.

In yoga the othe day, Jen discussed the idea of your innermost being, your most true self, being deep inside you, like the one solid, tiniest of the nesting dolls that lives within larger, thinner layers of herself. The idea that we have layers on top of layers- a breath layer, a mind layer, a physical layer, wasn't a completely foreign concept, but one that feels very relevant.

I love the mental picture, and the notion that I have ability to focus on one or two aspects of myself at a time brought me enormous comfort. It was like permission- that I don't have to hit every single mark in the same day. I don't have to be number 1 runner/worker/daughter/yogi/dog mom every. single. day. I don't have to be organized, well-exercised, home-cooked, thoughtful, volunteering, innovative, and well-dressed at all times. Identifying and acknowledging the layers allows us to be curious, to notice, and to (hopefully?) accept. The idea of having it all, just not at the same time, takes a lot of the overwhelming out of life. In a world where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the people around me provide constant reminders of opportunities to engage, get fit, help others, and generally get my stuff together, and all the people out there who are doing it all better than me, a gentle granting of permission to focus on just two or three layers at a time were welcome words. 

(My one caveat is that I think it's important to be kind every day, in every situation.)

Maybe I missed Jen's point, maybe I took in an entirely different direction. In any case, I deeply appreciated the reminder that there is only one deep true me, way down inside- a centering point to true back to when I am feeling overwhelmed and imbalanced.

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