Thursday, September 19, 2013

If you give a mouse a cookie... (Or the time I got a new windshield)

If you haven't read the book If you give a mouse a cookie.. who are you?! Kidding. But seriously, where did you grow up?

Just like the mouse who got a cookie and ended up needing a glass of milk, pencil, shaving foam, and a bed, my desire to set out on a road trip with a clean car led to many other seemingly unrelated things.

We're driving to a wedding in Maine this weekend. Some fun stops on the way up and back, really looking forward to our road trip. (Much to my parents' befuddlement) I am not the tidiest of vehicle owners. I see it is as my oversized purse/additional closet space that goes with me everywhere. Pen? Packing tape? Extra running shoes? 3 umbrellas? Re-usable bags? Extra set of floor mats? All right there, easy access.

Knowing how much stuff 2 people will require for a 5 day trip that includes camping, I purged a little and decided to take my employer up on their handy service of mobile detailing. Park your car at work, get the interior and exterior done for 30 big ones. Deal. Love it. Efficiency.

Until the guy cleaning your car calls you to say that he knocked your rearview mirror off while cleaning the windshield and when he went to put it back on, a microchip in your windshield "spidered" and there is now several much larger cracks in your windshield. While the manager is confused as to how the guy cleaning your window turned into a cracked windshield that he now has to replace (get in line buddy), my body temperature went up and I started stress sweating as I realized that not only did I need to convince Captain Confusion that yes, he was going to get those repairs done today since I had no plans to drive to Maine sans rearview (yeah, that was still sitting on my front seat), I needed it to happen by 2:30pm so I could be at my 4 hours, 3pm meeting across town. My life may not be interesting or important, but I can do frantic.

Many phone calls, one regular coke (so. delicious), a little venting, and many hours later, I drove my clean car and new windsheild home. Happy ending.

Nothing like the excitement of wondering if you're actually going to be able to drive your car roughly 12 hours before departure. Almost as satisfying as the high you get from running mile repeats around a gravel track. Another story for another time.

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