Thursday, September 5, 2013

Twitter Style

(I'm not actually counting if these are 140 characters or less. Don't get critical.)

I firmly believe we would be a happier, more productive society with 4 day work weeks. Work 10 hour days, enjoy 3 days of freedom every week. Winning.

I killed a cockroach outside our bathroom Tuesday morning. Low point.

Buster ate roach bait (poison) on Wednesday. Lower point.

Animal poison control charges for their consultation. Effing really??

Buster is fine. Roach poison doesn't affect him in any visible way.

5 x 1000 meters Tuesday night. Have to agree with Emma- half laps are stupid.

Yoga this morning. BLISS.

People are all excited about pumpkin spice everything, I'm all like, 'Can I still wear my white jeans?'

Kindergartners (including my niece) who started school this week are the class of 2026. Uhh...

After 4 negative experiences with Bikram yoga (2 of which involved vomiting), I still had to resist purchasing this week's 3 for $30 Groupon.

Packed a lunch on Tuesday. Opened it to find 3 drinks inside, In addition to the two I carried into work with me. Hydration- check.

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