Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wouldn't it be nice...

if nobody smoked? Anywhere. Ever.

if all humidity could be sucked into giant billboards and transformed into clean drinking water like these amazing smart people did here? Happier hair, better running weather, few bottles of water to buy and recycle.

if there were a valve on your car to release all the hot air before you got in it?

if pimples didn't happen?

if weekends were always 3 days?

if chaffing didn't happen?

if you could get lobster and crab for the same price as chicken?

if the moment you stepped out the door for a run, the clock stopped, and there was always enough daylight/time for the run you wanted and 20 minutes for tea afterwards?

if everyone would just be nice to each other and acknowledge that the person in front of them at the grocery store/next to them highway/on the other end of the phone, is in fact, another person?

if instead of wrinkles, we grew muscles with every year of age?

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