Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recaps and Feelings

It’s been a little while since the last post, so I feel like I owe some recaps. I mean, it’s only Tuesday but at the same time, it’s only Tuesday. (Read it if you have time. Always makes me laugh.) 

After those recaps, I have lots of feelings about lots of things. I’m going to share some of those.

Recaps first:

Sunday's long run- I finally ran on the canal walk! Found an MTT SAG who shared powerade, enjoyed beautiful weather and wonderful company downtown, who doesn't want to start their Sunday with 90 minutes of sweaty awesome?

Hills- funny to me that I have grown to be ok with hills. I remember my first hill workout in high school track. It was my first time being part of a sport team of any kind, maybe the third week of the season, and we did a hill workout. Sprint up, jog down, sprint up again. I was NOT FIT and not at all prepared for team sports. My main focus was not throwing up and ruining any chances of making friends among the athletic crowd in high school. We got to the bottom after about 3 hours (maybe it was more like 40 minutes...) and Coach said the most beautiful thing: "Alright you're done." I stopped moving, thankful for the mercy of permission to stop. Then he said "If you want to be champions, do another one." Nope, I'm good. First season of track ever, I'm not trying to be a champion- just trying to get through this with some dignity. But then ever other girl kept going. High schoolers (and runners, to some extent) are nothing if not pack animals. When the herd moves, you move. Ah, peer pressure.

Softball- Naturally, because I was in charge of the department tournament and I thoughtfully scheduled it for September when it would be "cooler", it was 91 degrees. Naturally.

Sleep and dogs- I love our dog. Capital L love. I love his adorable face and his insane enthusiasm when I get home from work. He is sweet, portable, and cuter than anything I've ever seen. Dripping in cuteness, he is somewhat lacking in fearlessness. If it's after dark, he is not leaving the safety of the deck unless Mommy/Daddy is with him. Not even if he has to poop. Which means there are undeniable urges at 3 am that require a long haul out of bed, through the kitchen, into the backyard. And while he's a diligent guard dog, he does not distinguish between menacing intruder and his owner. So when Seth returns home from work at 1:00am (ever want the real story on being in business for yourself, call me), Buster loses his mind and gives me a freaking heart attack. Being awoken from a peaceful sleep by a manic dog doing his barky best to let you know you are in mortal danger never stops being terrifying. All that to say, I would like a nap.

Showers after workouts- Love them. bestfeelingoftheday. Entirely worth getting drippy salty sweaty sopping wet.

Holy Grail. Royals. Roar. I have no idea why, but if a music video is playing, I have to watch it. I love them. They're like my intellectual junk food. I believe it stems from those formative early high school years when we first got satellite/cable (!) and I would rush home for a delicious dose of TRL with Carson Daly. Oh, mindless pop culture with your catchy tunes...

This message. I love it. (Thanks Molly!)

It’s September. I think I'm neutral. This month we finally take our summer vacation long weekend. I have been training with the CVE/Lulu team (yes, we're still working on a team name) for over a month. Roughly 2 months until our half marathon.

Police officers who set up in an office park at between the hours of 8am and 9:15am. That's a negative feeling ghostrider. We don't want to be rushing into work, we'd much rather be at home enjoying the Today Show. However, we are responsible tax-paying citizens, just trying to get to work before our manager. Back off.

Sweat. I feel defeated. My clothes still have that 'odor de effort' fresh out of the washing machine. Pondering ways to keep baking soda under my arms.

Gratitude. I feel a lot of this lately. Grateful for my job that lets me do things like plan softball tournaments, arrange days at Habitat for Humanity, and work from home on Fridays when I lack the mental wherewithal to assemble a work ensemble that hasn't been worn in the past 10 days. Gratitude for the ample fat energy stores my body keeps to fuel me through 90 minute long runs, 20 minutes of tempo running, and everything that fills all those other hours each week. Gratitude for supportive coaches and teammates, gratitude for parents and family I love and enjoy enough to wish I saw them far more frequently. Gratitude to be able to surround myself with people who inspire and motivate me in so many aspects of my life, gratitude to live in a city I love at a time when I feel like we are on the cusp of full bloom.

And, of course, gratitude that you've actually read to the end of this post.

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